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Certificate in Teaching English Phonetics

Certificate in Teaching English Phonetics offered by Asian College of teachers is a course aimed at primary teachers as phonetic knowledge has become an indispensable part of English language teaching. Teaching pronunciation is an important part of any language learning course and this course will help the teacher to understand the root cause of mispronunciation like probable misdirection of tongue and simultaneously correcting it in a student thereby making the procedure faster and efficient.
The teachers pursuing this course will learn the technique of developing the accurate articulation of English language after overcoming the mother tongue influence. |Read More|

Special Education

Certificate in Teaching English Grammar

Certificate in Teaching English Grammar is one of the various modular courses provided by Asian College of Teachers for the benefit of language teachers who can help people to learn English grammar in a systematic way.
The learning of the four basic language skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing depend on the understanding and usage of proper grammar of a language.
Grammar provides a pathway to vocabulary building and correct usage of grammar makes competent communicators.
Hence, all language teachers must complete a Teaching English Grammar course before embarking on teaching English as a primary teacher. |Read More|

Special Education

Certificate in Classroom Management

Certificate in Classroom Management offered by Asian College of Teachers is a perfect course for teachers and trainers alike who need to be equipped with necessary skills and effectual methods to establish a favorable classroom environment. The course provides the strategies and techniques that teachers employ to establish a positive classroom environment by running lessons smoothly and maintaining discipline which are important components of classroom management. Strong management skills are imperative in today’s teachers to be able to handle students well and resolve conflicts to accomplish a favorable environment for a positive teacher-student relationship. |Read More|

Special Education

Certificate in Classroom Material Development

Certificate in Classroom Material Development offered by Asian College of Teachers is a comprehensive course on compilation of materials in one place.
Materials do not simply signify flash cards or charts - but a varied platter, which includes using technology - ready to use projects in EVS and English - Science
hands on activities among other things.
These come very handy for a teacher as the school curriculum is forever demanding innovative ideas and projects for its exhibition and subject oriented days
(like science day/ art exhibitions etc.).
The course trains teachers to create their own materials. |Read More|

Special Education

Certificate in Pre-School Administration & Management

Certificate in Pre-School Administration & Management course offered by Asian College of Teachers aims to guide the start ups and administrative heads on how to operate and manage a pre-school which translates into success. Opening a pre-school and running it successfully is a mammoth task which actually calls for effective management. There are many factors that need to be considered before opening a pre-school.
This certificate course focuses on all the areas like infrastructure, budget, curriculum, and safety measures which are inseparable part of any pre-school and how to work with young children and their parents simultaneously. |Read More|

Special Education

Integrating Technology in Classroom

Asian College of Teachers offers Integrating Technology (IT) in Classroom designed to introduce the teachers to the hardware that can be used in the classroom which helps in exploring the opportunities that makes content integration possible using various application and software options.
21st century classroom is all about connecting the content through digitalization, making the subjects come alive and transforming the classroom into a virtual 3-D experience.
Today’s teachers are expected to be thoroughly trained who can successfully integrate
technology and evoke curiosity in the learners’ mind making them explore the cyber world
for more information. |Read More|

Special Education

Certificate in Special Education

Certificate in Special Education course offered by Asian College of Teachers deals with the overall learning disabilities in the classroom with a special focus on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and Autism.
To provide a loving and warm learning environment for kids with disabilities the special education or shadow teachers need to understand the behavioural aspects of kids and design respective strategies to handle common learning disabilities as well as ADHD and Autism in an inclusive classroom.
Certificate in Special Education will impart training to teaching aspirants planning to become Special Education Needs (SEN) or shadow teacher. |Read More|


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