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TEFL Certificate

TEFL Certificate

TEFL Certificate course offered by Asian College of Teachers is a compact course aimed at the teaching aspirants planning to make a foray into the world of EFL/ESL teaching. With English language establishing itself as the global language of communication there is an increasing demand for TEFL certified English teachers worldwide. This 120 hours Certificate course will provide the candidates with the fundamental grasp of the methodologies of EFL/ESL teaching so that they can kick start their TEFL careers armed with confidence and a globally recognized certificate which will make way for an exciting ESL/EFL teaching career in fascinating locations across the globe.
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TEFL Diploma

TEFL Diploma

TEFL Diploma course offered by Asian College of Teachers is designed for those TEFL professionals who are planning to take up EFL/ESL teaching as a full-fledged career. Pursuing a TEFL career abroad calls for a thorough understanding of the EFL/ESL teaching and learning the new approaches to make every TEFL classroom productive and interesting. The 220 hours Diploma course is ideal for both TEFL aspirants as well as for those already with experience in the EFL/ESL teaching field and looking for an advanced course to further build their skills, work on their approaches, bring in creativity to the lessons and better understanding their learners’ needs.
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P G Diploma in TEFL

P G Diploma in TEFL

P G Diploma in TEFL course offered by Asian College of Teachers has been framed considering the needs of the TEFL professionals who seriously plan to pursue their careers as an EFL/ESL teacher and trainer. Being a native speaker or having a good grasp of the English language is not enough when it comes to bagging lucrative TEFL offers. A bachelor’s degree coupled with an internationally accepted TEFL certification is the key to better employability in the TEFL domain. 280 hours P G Diploma in TEFL acquaints the candidates with the finer nuances of teaching English as a foreign language and teaching methodologies in a detailed manner which will help in dramatically improving the level of their learners anywhere in the world. |Read More|

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Certificate in TEFL Young Learners

Asian College of Teachers’ Certificate in TEFL Young Learners focuses on a young learner's teaching environment, various TESOL methodologies, disciplinary techniques and how to teach EFL/ESL at primary level. It prepares would be EFL/ESL teachers to meet the demands of the young learners’ classroom. |Read More|

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Certificate in TEFL Business Learners

Asian College of Teachers’ Certificate in TEFL Business Learners makes aspirants thoroughly conversant with the language skills in business and formal environments and is not only beneficial and important for Business English teachers but also for corporate trainers, other professionals and managers with training responsibilities. |Read More|


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Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is the leading institution in Asia dedicated to producing future global educators who will not only be equipped with contemporary teaching techniques but will show a deeper understanding of teaching methodologies which they can put into practice in diverse classrooms across the globe.

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