Enable Young Learners to Thrive In Life

31st January 2018

With global change and development constantly on the move in the 21st century, developing the strengths of the overall progress of young learners will be equally important to prepare for the change. Developing resilience, perseverance, courage, empathy, curiosity, leadership and ethics are the pillars, which when positively developed, will shape the young minds to meet and cope with global standards. The role of Modern Educators: Modern educators trained in the Pre-primary training ...


Building A Fruitful Foundation

23rd January 2018

The Nursery school education is the foundation for all other education levels to follow.  The key to nursery education is to provide children with a warm and safe environment where they feel comfortable and enable them to explore their potentials and skills. Young learners with proper guidance from educators are enhanced to adapt easily to a learning environment, have greater social skills and feel more secure in a different environment. Education for all in India: With primar ...


Reasons why counselling is needed for children

17th January 2018

The mind of the children and youngsters are constantly growing and they are forming impressions of how the world is. It is very important to work on the stressing and pressing factors that can affect the child’s mind which often gets un-noticed. Specific and special attention is needed to prevent the formation of long standing emotional and behavioural difficulties that could develop from these factors. Let’s look at the reasons why counselling is needed for children: Couns ...


How Classroom Cultures Can Be Effective For Learning?

10th January 2018

Teachers through their pre-primary teacher's training can build the child’s mind frame in a positive way when they show that they value students’ lives and identities in a variety of ways. At all ages students want to feel independent and as though they have a say in what they are learning and doing. It motivates them, gives them feelings of competence, and helps them buy into the program. 1. Get the whole classroom excited In order for effective change, you need to  ...


A Friend In Need

8th January 2018

As we traverse through the 21st century, we continue to undergo substantial and continuous changes in our personal, social, cultural and economic factors of the world. There is a growing population of children and youth who experience personal, social and economic issues and challenges in the contemporary societies. Often more than not, children and youth get silently affected by this constantly changing and pressurising conditions. It is important to know that a trained person through the co ...


How Posters Enhance Your Classroom

4th January 2018

One of the most effective ways teachers can encourage and develop positive learners is by allowing them to participate in the various activities in the classroom, including learning and developing extra-curricular activities. There are various teaching aids that teachers are trained to implement through Pre & Primary Teachers Training in Kolkata to improve the student’s learning. Being creative enables students to express their ideas, think about innovations, face challenges wi ...


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