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Attending Workshops or Online Course - Which is Better for Working Professionals?

15th September 2017

Corporate professional training classes are meant for working professionals so that they develop the requisite skills and expertise and become adept at their work. Employees usually have some weaknesses that they need to fix, hence either the organizations that they work for or they themselves enrol for various training sessions, which suits their needs and requirements. These training sessions are conducted by professional trainers, who are expert in their fields.Because trainers are involved i ...


A Heritage Trail is a Must While Your Stay in Kolkata for an In Class ITD

15th September 2017

“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you travelled.” A great quote by Prophet Mohammedreminds us the need to travel more often, for travelling is a form of education itself. Speaking of which, travelling while shaping your career and giving it a fitting start sounds like a great option! That too in the ‘City of Joy’! Kolkata has much to offer than just what meets the eye. So, while your stay in Kolkata for an In Class International Teaching Diploma, go out an ...


How to Measure Training Results

15th September 2017

Every year a considerable amount of budget is usually allocated for employee training by their organizations as training have become an integral part of organization growth and development. Training employees not only strengthens their weak areas but also helps them to hone their existing set of skills. A learning and development program therefore tries to bring employees at the same level where they share the same amount of knowledge and expertise whereby the workforce becomes more productive a ...


Top 3 Reasons Behind the Improvement in Vietnamese Education

15th September 2017

The International PISA tests in 2015 revealed a marked improvement in the performance of Vietnamese students. They scored higher grades in Reading, Science, and Mathematics than the students of other developed countries like the UK and the USA. This amazing development in the performance of Vietnamese students was quite a surprise to many of the outside examiners. So, what do you think were the reasons behind this improvement?Well, the most common assumptions pointed to the development of the en ...


How to further improve Education and Teaching in Malaysia?

15th September 2017

There have been constant speculations about improving the basic structure of education and teaching in Malaysia. The world out there is becoming highly competitive in terms of language as well as technology. Under such circumstances, it becomes all the more important to create a concrete plan for the improvement of education in the high schools and universities.In this regard, surveys have been conducted by reputed educational institutions in the country. They have also come up with some practic ...


All You Need to Become a Good Education Manager in the UAE

15th September 2017

Previously, earning in millions was a far-off dream for teachers. Not anymore. With globalization at its peak, teachers from all over the world are being hired irrespective of caste, creed, language, and religion. And, UAE is not an exception. Unlike the commonly held belief that the country follows a strict Islamic education, UAE has proved its capability numerous times in global seminars and workshops. In the 21st century, education is a priority with almost all reputed institutions focussing ...


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