Pursue a Diploma in Educational Administration and Management and Hone Your Leadership Skills

26th October 2017

Education Management refers to the process of incorporating the appropriate human as well as material resources which are available and effective for achieving the aims and purposes of educational institutions. Education Management does not refer to one single process rather it acts as an umbrella or a collection of processes such as planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, controlling and most importantly evaluating the performances of other departments. This concept is applicable to the ...


A Pre and Primary Teacher Needs To Be Understanding

23rd October 2017

The first thing a pre and primary teacher needs to be is patient and supportive. The teacher must have a passion for the job they are doing, only then it can be rewarding. A teacher should be able to take pride in the job and find joy in the development of the children in their most important and formative years. It is no easy task to handle children of that age. It can be a very challenging and demanding task to fulfil. Therefore, it is important that the teachers in this field receive the prop ...


Understanding Educational Psychology Is Vital For ECCE Teachers

17th October 2017

According to John Adams, “Teacher should know John as well as Latin”. This means that the teacher needs to know the child as well as the subject matter. Adams considers a child as a book of which the teacher needs to know the nature, capacities, likings, aptitudes and attitudes. Now coming to the advantages provided by the educational psychology, we will go through few of them. It must also be noted that Montessori Teacher Training Courses, Nursery teacher training courses, Pre Primary Te ...


Montessori Method Impacts the Development of Children

12th October 2017

The Montessori Method of teaching requires a lot of training and preparation. This method of teaching was introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori in the earlier part of the 20th century who believed that children’s education can be improved if you help them to help themselves. Since then it has been modified and today’s Montessori Method of teaching has adopted this method in order to guide and lead the young children. Being a Montessori Teacher is a very demanding job. They need to be good obser ...


Features of a Good Pre and Primary Teacher

6th October 2017

Early childhood education is one of the most important steps of a child’s education life. This is where his or her learning starts. The first five or six years of a child’s life are when he or she builds the social as well as the emotional skills which they need to be successful in schools. The children can only be successful in learning these skills if they have the correct responsive relationships with their parents and their teachers. When the children are able to trust their caregivers t ...


Get trained as a Montessori teacher with a Diploma in MTT

3rd October 2017

The Montessori Method of teaching was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early part of the twentieth century. This method involves improving the system by education by helping the children help themselves. She understood the importance of letting the children be self-reliant and develop problem solving skills. The Montessori methods which are incorporated today have absorbed the same method of Montessori learning for guiding the young children. The Montessori teacher has a very signi ...


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