All You Need to Become a Good Education Manager in the UAE

15th September 2017

Previously, earning in millions was a far-off dream for teachers. Not anymore. With globalization at its peak, teachers from all over the world are being hired irrespective of caste, creed, language, and religion. And, UAE is not an exception. Unlike the commonly held belief that the country follows a strict Islamic education, UAE has proved its capability numerous times in global seminars and workshops. In the 21st century, education is a priority with almost all reputed institutions focussing ...


Join Hands and Support Child Protection Initiatives

14th September 2017

Safeguarding children from all kinds of abuse has become one of the burning issues in today’s society. This is a serious concern for childcare or early years’ practitioners or anyone associated with children as schools, crèche and day-cares are one common factor in every child’s life across the globe. Young children are the most vulnerable and humiliation, bullying or abuse at the hands of their carers or teachers has become a glaring reality which cannot be overlooked anymore.The recent ...


5 Essential Qualities of the Best Educational Managers

14th September 2017

Are you keen to lead a school administrative board? Do you think you have it in yourself to become a good educational manager? If both the answers are positive, you are in the right place. But, if any one of them is negative, you need not click away from this post. Go through it and evaluate your inner capabilities. See whether you have a chance at education administration or not. It is a lucrative career, to be very frank. Besides, if you are planning to move abroad, but you are in no position ...


An erudite association to create and share new wisdom

14th September 2017

His leadership has always made a difference and his skills and expertise yield maximum impact on all those who are associated with him.Dr Sanjib Chakraborty has been an educational leader adept at institutional management who harbors a strong passion for learning which delivers real results. His leadership has always been connected with learning and he has been constantly striving to create relevant learning frameworks for future trainers and educators.His consistent endeavors have been to promo ...


How can Special Education Help Children with Learning Issues?

14th September 2017

In Indonesia, there is a concrete education system run and governed by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Both formal and non-formal education is imparted in the numerous public and private schools in the country. But, what about special education? How are those students with learning disabilities taught and trained with proper care in the country?Well, according to the Indonesian National Education Law, every child in need of special care for their lear ...


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